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Morà natural line

Four organic oil, the best in the world, rich of that Nature and Beauty that unites cultures and tradition very far from them but united by passion and big love: passion for tradition and respect of the places and people.
Mora’ is all of this.
Morà is the treasure that nature provides to safeguard the beauty and the health of the skin.

Crema corpo drenante con fucus ed estratto di edera
Linea Morà con latte detergente, acqua micellare e crema viso esfoliante

A virtual trip around the world that starts from Italy and goes down to Marocco and from there, it arrives in Chile through the ocean after circumnavigating the South Pole.
Thousands of chilometres mixed in a large mortar.
Hundreds of years transformed in ingredients that give life to milk, creams, serums unique to exalt our beauty.
Mora’ is the best phytocosmetic tradition that is able to integrate everything is important for the skin.

Where there is Nature there is Morà; where there is Morà there is beauty!

Our competitive advantage

Maximum dermo-affinity thanks to important Natural ingredients, maximum anti-aging efficacy thanks to studied and tested Technological ingredients.

All Jalacyn Cosmeceutical products do not contain mineral oils, P.E.G., silicones, parabens and fragrances do not contain allergens.

Dermo-compatible and eco-sustainable formulations. Mostly recyclable containers. Our mission is an ethical cosmetic.

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